The Lost Colony of Roanoke ~ Are You a Descendant?

RootsWeb Review, RootsWeb's Weekly E-zine, July 18, 2007

    Is your last name Archer, Bragg, Chapman, Durrant, or Griffin? Do you have ancestry from North Carolina or early coastal South Carolina and Virginia?

    The DNA center of the Lost Colony Center for Science and Research is looking for individuals with these and other surnames they believe are connected to the lost colony of Roanoke.

    The so-called lost colony was established by 112 English colonists who settled on the island of Roanoke, off the coast of North Carolina, in 1857. The colony's governor went back to England for more supplies, but when he returned in 1590, the colony had disappeared. Various theories about the colony's fate exist, including speculation that it assimilated with the nearby Croatoan Indian tribe.

    Visit the center's blog and search for "Names Used in the Lost Colony Project" for a complete list of surnames that the center is interested in:

    Check here for more information on an upcoming conference being held by the center on 7-9 September, in Washington, North Carolina:

    Check here for general information about the Lost Colony Center for Science and Research's efforts to discover the fate of the mysterious colony:

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