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Research Papers

1. Wanted Dead Or Alive

2. Raleigh's 1587 Lost Colony: Conspiracy, Spies, Secrets & Lies (OLD PAPER)

3. Beechland & The Lost Colony (NEW)

4. Disappearing Indians

5. A Role for Sassafras in the Search for the Lost Colony

6. Migration Patterns of Coastal N.C. Indians

7. A Search for the Lost Colony in Beechland

8. A Reassessment of the Zuniga map

9. The Roanoke Sagas and Sixteenth Century Fortifications in North Carolina

    Possible Croatan Descendants

10. Sassafras in the New World and The Syphilis Exchange

This Powerpoint depicts very disturbing graphic images:
Sassafras A Sixteenth Century Cure for Syphilis

12. Location of the Roanoke Fort: a new Translation of 16th Century Spanish
Documents may lead to the discovery of the orriginal Ralph Lanes Fort of 1585.

13. The Machapungo Indians and the Barbados Connection 1663 to 1840

    The 1886 Charleston Earthquake

14. Cultural Anthropology of Indian Villages

15. Trade Items as Transfer of Money

16. El Dorado and Sir Walter Raleigh

17. Hidden Maps, Hidden City (NOTE: This is a continuation of what is now Conspiracy, Spies, Secrets & Lies)

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