Adventures in Archeology Trip
The Lost Colony Center for Science and Research
The Lost Colony Center
for Science and Research

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Roanoke: Search for the Lost Colony
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Lost maps Found (click image for research papers)
Lost maps found
Adventures in Archeology Trip (click image for more details)
Adventures in Archeology Trip
Book for Sale:
Beechland and the
Lost Colony
DNA Project: Croatan-
Hatteras Indians
Wanted Dead or Alive
Philip S. McMullan Jr.(click for more details)
Beechland and the Lost Colony
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DNA Project
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Photo of Dare Stone
Pamlico & Albemarle Publishing

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Beechland and the Lost Colony
234,000 newsprint, radio, TV stations and bloogers
carried the announcement of the DNA Project.
Although there are five competing companies
in existance, the Lost Colony Center is still
rated #1 on all the major research engines.

-Photo of Dare Stone
Ikonos Satellite

Lost Colony

Award Winning
Research Papers
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IKONOS Satellite
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NEW Research Complex
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Research Papers
Satellite Imaging Research: New Technologies for Old Mystery.
-Photo of New Farm Life School Building.
-Photo of John White Map 1 A, 1585.

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Welcome to the Lost Colony Center
for Science and Research.

Lost Colony Center
9291 Highway 171
Williamston, NC 27892
Phone: (252) 955-5924

Our beginning as the Croatan Group was very humble: four people helped in the discovery, archaeological excavation, and educating the public of the Croatan Indian site. We now have 700 people on our mailing list, have purchased two buildings comprising 20,000 square feet with twenty acres of land and a 30ft. C&C research sail boat has just been donated. We have three contact-period Indian sites under contract to excavate, which will keep us involved with archaeological research into the next century.

  • Our latest research has uncovered an exciting discovery relating to Sir Walter Raleigh and his investors suppressing information concerning the Roanoke Voyages. It involves intrigue, conspiracy, spies, secret commodities, secret voyages, and secret locations, which has opened new doors of mystery about this wonderful discovery
          [Raleigh 1587 Lost Colony: Conspiracy, Spies, Secrets & Lies]      

    • Join our research team and be a part of history in the making. Weekend and five-day public archaeological experiences are now being booked, with classrooms and fieldtrips to important historical and archaeological sites in North Carolina. Hotel and food accommodations are included
        [click here for Adventures in Archeology]  

    • Our DNA Project has received international attention, with over 350 people tested and 200 have joined our membership to fund this re-search project
        [click here DNA Project]  

    • The Lost Colony Center’s mission is to establish a $5 million endowment, enabling this research to continue under our banner into the next century. This can only be accomplished with generous support from the public.
        [Mission Statement]  


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