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    Hidden Maps, Hidden Cities (NEW)

    Breadcrumbs (NEW)

    Voyages to Roanoke and the Lost Colony 1584-1618 (NEW)

    Beechland & The Lost Colony (NEW)

Philip S. McMullan, Jr. submitted this thesis to the Graduate Faculty of North Carolina State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in 2010.

    Raleigh's 1587 Lost Colony: Conspiracy, Spies, Secrets & Lies

    Wanted Dead Or Alive

    Beechland Folklore & Research(work in progress...)

    Elizabeth City State University's Research

    Dr. David Phelps (Honored Memorial)

    Research Papers

  1. Wanted Dead Or Alive
  2. Raleigh's 1587 Lost Colony: Conspiracy, Spies, Secrets & Lies(OLD PAPER)
  3. Disappearing Indians
  4. Migration Patterns of Coastal N.C. Indians
    • Selected for Showcase Paper at Ponte Verde, Florida symposium
  5. A Search for the Lost Colony in Beechland
    • Photographs from field trip to establish permanet marker of riven coffins
  6. The Machapungo Indians and the Barbados Connection 1663 to 1840
  7. Location of the Roanoke Fort
  8. A Reassessment of the Zuniga map
  9. Sassafras A Sixteenth Century Cure for Syphilis
  10. A Role for Sassafras in the Search for the Lost Colony
  11. Sassafras in the New World and The Syphilis Exchange
  12. The Roanoke Sagas and Sixteenth Century Fortifications in North Carolina
  13. Published Works
  14. Cultural Anthropology of Indian Villages
  15. Trade Items as Transfer of Money
  16. El Dorado and Sir Walter Raleigh
  17. Coastal Scarps, Islands And High-Water Events: Indian Village Location Models

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