Roanoke Conference - Papers Presented

Archaeology at Roanoke Island, 1895-1998

"Talcott Williams, 'Pinky Harrington' and Other Searches for the Lost Colony" - Bennie C. Keel, Southeast Archaeological Center, NPS

"Lane's Fort Revisited" - Nicholas Luccketti and Willian Kelso, Association for Preservation of Virginia Antiquities

"Croatan and Dasamongwe-peuk: Native American Ceramics at Fort Raleigh" - David Phelps, Coastal Archaeology Office, East Carolina University

"Where-oh-Where Can the Lost Colony Be?" - Mark Mathis, North Carolina Office of State Archaeology

Discussion - John Ehrenhard, Southeast Archaeological Center

Literary and Cultural Studies of Roanoke Colonization

Johne White's Moste Excellente Adventure: A Colonial Rule Brittania" - Lorraine Hale Robinson, Department of English, East Carolina University

"The Literary Treatment of Virginia Dare" - Kelley Griffith, Department of English, University of North Carolina - Greensboro

"The Colony of Roanoke Island as Metaphor and Means for Contemporary Legends of Celebrated Loss in Eastern North Carolina" - Karen Baldwin, Folklore Archives/Department of English, East Carolina University

The Roanoke Colonies and European World

"Invaded or Traded?: Three Models for Explaining the Presence of Iberian Olive Jars at Fort Raleigh and Other British Colonial Sites" - John J. Mintz, Office of State Archaeology and Thomas E. Beaman, Jr., East Carolina University

"The Art of Sixteenth-Century Navigation: A Hands-On Approach" - Simon Spaulding, Living History Programs, Tryon Palace Historic Sites and Gardens

"Strangers in a Strange Land: Patterns of European Colonization in the New World" - Charles Ewen, Department of Anthropology, East Carolina University

The Roanoke Colonies and Native Americans

"Exchange and Violence at Roanoke Island" - Seth Mallios, Jamestown Rediscovery

"Indian Conflict and the Destruction of the 'Lost Colony'" - Thomas C. Parramore, Emeritus, Meredith College

"The Nubile Savage: Pocahontas as Heathen Convert and Virgilian Bride" - Christopher Hodgkins, Department of English, University of North Carolina - Greensboro

The Figures of Roanoke Colonization

"Simon Fernandez: A New Look at an Old Villain" - Olivia A Isil, Greenville, North Carolina

"John White and the Roanoke Colonization Investors" - Lebame Houston, Manteo, North Carolina

"Ralph Lane and the Rhetoric of Identity Creation" - E. Thompson Shields, Jr., Roanoke Colonies Research Office, East Carolina University

Minerology and the Roanoke Colonies

"Roanoke Island, Jamestown, and Copper, or How Thomas Hariot Saved Jamestown" - Nicholas Luccketti, Association for the Preservation of Virgina Antiquities

"German Mineral Specialists in Elizabethan England and Early English America" - Gary C. Grassl, Silver Hill, Maryland

New Directions for Roanoke Colonization - Related Studies

"The Roanoke Sagas: Lane's Fort and Port Ferdinando" - Fred Willard, Buxton, North Carolina

"The Croatan Project: 1995-1997 Seasons" - David Phelps, Coastal Archaeology Office, East Carolina University

"Talking Trees and Historical Mysteries" - Dennis Blanton, Center for Archaeological Research, College of William and Mary

The proceedings from this conference are being compiled for an edited volume to be published in the near future.

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