"Lost Colony" scientists visit Historical and Genealogical Society

Rogersville Review, Rogersville, TN, July 12, 2007
Written by Scott Kimball

    Rogersville - The Hawkins County Historical and Genealogical Society recently hosted a presentation on DNA and genealogy which was presented by Roberta Estes, Director of DNA Research for the Lost Colony Project. Also present was Fred Willard, Director for the Lost Colony Project, to give a summary of some recent findings.

Jack Goins introduces Roberta Estes and Fred Willard to the crowd recently at the DNA and Genealogy presentation.

    Estes is a resident of Brighton, Michigan. She has been a professional scientist and business owner in the information technology field for more than 25 years.

    Her background includes a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, as well as a Master of Business Administration in Geographic Information Systems. In 2005, Estes founded DNA Explain.

    She is also coordinator of the Cumberland Gap DNA Project and an advisor for the Melungeon DNA Project.

    According to the magazine American Archaeology, the Lost Colony "resulted from England's second attempt to colonize the shores of northeastern North Carolina."

    It was located on Roanoke Island which is known for its historical significance as the site of Sir Walter Raleigh's failed attempts to establish a permanent English settlement in the late 16th century.

    While the colonists disappeared and their whereabouts are uncertain still today the mystery has become known as the "Lost Colony."

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