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Kathryn Louise Sugg

Kathryn Lousie Sugg

Kathryn Louise Sugg`s Biography:

Kathryn Louise Sugg is the newest member of the Lost Colony Center for Science & Research, Inc. She was born September 5, 1983, and her hometown is Tarboro, North Carolina. During her sophomore/junior year in high school, when she was just 15 years old, she was officially diagnosed with Asperger`s Syndrome---which is a form of Autism. But despite her condition (and a lot of people will argue it`s because of her condition; Asperger`s gives you a savant-level IQ) Kathryn has successfully graduated from East Carolina University with degrees in both Biology and English. She also took two-years-worth of Anthropology classes to prep herself for the internship job at The Lost Colony Center she accepted in the summer of 2006. That internship job has evolved into a full-time career for Kathryn. She is now Research Assistant, Editor, and Designer (for brochures and other fine-arts-related projects). She plans to return to school as soon as possible to obtain a Master`s Degree in film production, as she has a genuine natural talent in creating videos with AMV (Animated Music Video) format. Her video portfolio can be found at, where some of her AMV`s have received over 10,000 hits. Kathryn has recently been awarded the title of Honorary Conservatrix by the Lost Colony Center for Science and Research, for her many contributions which she has made over the past seven years.

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